Product Design | Proof of Concept

Senior Citizen E-Bike Pass Checkout Flow

The Problem

Create a checkout flow, in 1 day, for a senior citizen to purchase an e-bike pass on a mobile device. Detail the key highlights and limit to 3-6 screens.

Empathizing with Senior Citizens

Secondary research

Given the time constraint and in order to empathize with senior citizens looking to buy an e-bike pass, I did secondary research for 1.5 hours. The objective was to discover if senior citizens like e-bikes and why. Some interesting statistics I found were:

E-Bikers >= 55 Years Old

  • 95% E-bike satisfaction rate
  • 82% Feel safe riding an e-bike
  • 74% Feel like they go faster than other cyclists on their e-bike
  • 55% have physical limitation
  • 45.9% use it to commute
  • 38% use for recreation or exercise
Creating persona

Having gathered both quantitative and qualitative secondary research I was able to create a user persona to help me focus on who I was designing for. I would like to introduce you to Mark Woods.

Brainstorming & Ideating

With a deeper understanding of Mark Woods and other senior citizens I then brainstormed the benefits of purchasing an e-bike pass.

user Workflow

Next I worked on the user workflow for Mark Wood to layout the road map for the entire e-bike check out flow experience. The entire journey was considered because:

  • Allowed me to focus on Mark Wood's experience and not miss any important details
  • Helped me prioritize which screens were the most important to get complete given up to 6 were allowed.

Through creating this user flow I recognized that there were 2 ways that Mark Wood's checkout process could be completed:

A) Payment for pass before riding e-bike
1. Select type of passes & number of passes
2. Payment
3. Ride e-bike
4. Confirmation

B) Payment for pass after riding e-bike
1. Set up payment
2. Ride e-bike
3. Payment
4. Confirmation

To make it more simple for Mark Wood I chose to go with payment before so he would know exactly how much to pay prior to riding and set the cost expectations upfront.


ideation through sketching

I then sketched wireframes about what the experience visually could be like for Mark Woods. Below is an example of a couple of the wireframes.

Translating into digital wireframes

Final Designs

Dabbling in Graphic Design

Each pass is uniquely designed to communicate its benefits and enable scanability based on color & imagery.

Family Pass
Multiple bikes were placed to represent more than one person could ride with this e-bike pass. The focal point is placed on the middle bike by lowering the opacity on the outer two.
Fast Pass
The lines after the bike represent speed which indicates getting to any desired destination quickly. Whether it's skipping traffic or just for fun, it's visually easy to tell the benefits of the pass.
Explorer Pass
The curved lines represent hills and the faded trees symbolize the outdoors. This pass is intended to communicate freedom, exercise, and nature! Perfect for the senior citizen who wants some fresh air and a beautiful ride.
Final Interactive prototype & Hi-Fidelity Designs

Last, I designed the final mockups and created an interactive prototype based on the flow I had created for the wireframe prototype. Go ahead and discover the benefits of the Fast Pass!

variety of E-Bike pass options

To help Mark Wood pick the right pass the following features are included:

  • Different types of e-bikes depending on desired activity
  • Color coded pass for memorability
  • Larger UI base font size, 18px, for accessibility and legibility
Pass details Pt. 1

After Mark Wood selects a pass more details are offered:

  • Enlarged pass for extra assurance that he selected the right one
  • Pass description to verify his needs will be met
  • Flexibility to buy as many passes as needed if he's with other people that also need an e-bike too.
  • Quick purchase option with Apple Pay
Pass details Pt. 2

Benefits are included visually to reassure him of everything he will be getting out of the e-bike pass. These benefits were chosen based on secondary research and were the reasons senior citizens love e-bikes so much.

From my earlier brainstorm of why an e-bike pass would be beneficial, I also included 'No Maintenance' and 'Leave Anywhere'.

A Simple checkout experience

To make the checkout experience for Mark Wood as easy as possible the following features were included:

  • A 'Remove' button in the Cart Summary. Mistakes happen and fixing them should be easy.
  • The most recent card used is selected by default when checking out for ease of use.
  • Include multiple cards for flexibility of payment methods.
  • Add e-bike pass to Apple Wallet for ease of access later on

Learnings & Conclusion

I had a lot of fun completing this design challenge because I had no prior knowledge about e-bikes and all of the benefits that come with them. Also, I was unaware of how much they help older generations move around and enjoy the outdoors. This project directly aligns with my values for social good because not only do e-bikes help the environment but they also give people the freedom to get outside and enjoy life more.